Industry 4.0 Applications for Process Automation

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things—what has long been part of everyday life in factory automation has not yet been possible in process automation due to the lack of a standard for the fast transmission of large amounts of data and end-to-end, seamless communication from the field level to higher-level information systems. The gap of an Ethernet suitable for the process industry is closed with Ethernet-APL: a project of well-known manufacturers and associations—unique in the process industry to date—with the goal to standardize the physical layer of the communication system. .

For the first time, Ethernet-APL opens up Ethernet as a basic communication technology for the field of process plants and implements the use of Ethernet-based components even in hazardous areas up to Zone 0/ Class 1, Div.1. The output ports are selectable with ignition type intrinsic safety up to Ex ia IIC. This enables barrier-free accessibility across all hierarchy levels. Another new feature is that communication and power supply are made available via the same Ethernet 2-wire cable.

In addition, Ethernet-APL brings along all the advantages known from decades of experience in handling electrical signals in the field of process plants:

  • Simple installation or familiar 2-wire installation
  • Simple connection technology
  • Polarity independence
  • Flexible planning of the topology
  • Support of Trunk-and-Spur technology

FieldConnex components meet all the infrastructure requirements of the process industry and combine this with highly secure, IIoT-enabled monitoring of the installation.

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Ethernet-APL for Process Industries

Ethernet-APL enables continuous communication across all hierarchy levels. Learn more about the pioneering technology …